Focused on Customer Success

From your initial part design concept to final production parts, Acrylon has the expertise to assist in the development and success of your products utilizing various plastic materials and process solutions.

Realizing the advantages of plastics over conventional manufacturing processes and materials, Acrylon can provide cost effective solutions through:

  • Reduction in part weights
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant parts
  • Superior formed cohesive designs
  • Complex shapes
  • Multiple component parts molded as 1 part
  • Highly cosmetic parts – Eliminate exterior painting

Combine these advantages with Acrylon's unsurpassed passion to see their customer’s succeed, Acrylon can become a valuable member of your business team.

Your Idea, Our Solutions TM
Conversion Opportunities

Acrylon Plastics participates with our customers in conversion part projects. Converting parts from traditional materials such as metal, wood and fiberglass to an extensive range of plastic material options, offers customers many benefits.

Fabricated metal cabinet & mirror assembly converted into an ABS thermo-formed plastic cabinet and acrylic mirror assembly. Advantages: Cost-reduction, reduced weight, cosmetic appeal, ease of installation and improved safety.

Fiberglass and metal battery box assembly converted into a rotational molded plastic assembly. Advantages: Cost reduction, reduced weight, seamless enclosure, improved performance and reduced installation labour costs.

Focused on Customer Success
Focused on Customer Success

Cosmetic Appeal

Acrylon Plastics has access to and experience with, an extensive range of plastic materials to develop highly cosmetic parts for interior and exterior applications:

Focused on Customer Success

Metal/Fiberglass exterior vehicle panel converted into a thermoplastic panel that is impact resistant and does not require exterior painting. Advantages: Lightweight, reduced cost, improved corrosion resistance, UV protection and cosmetic appeal.

Fiberglass dash panel converted into a thermoformed plastic part. Advantages: Cost reduction, light- weight, smooth contoured shape and the color matched material does not require painting.

Metal fabricated interior air duct built from multiple parts converted into a single rotational molded plastic part. Advantages: Reduced labour, cost reduction, light-weight, seamless construction and colour matched material.

Small to Large, Simple to Complex

Acrylon Plastics has provided solutions for our customers in the development of parts of various shapes, sizes and complexity.

Large fabricated metal seed tank converted into a rotational molded plastic tank. Advantages: Reduced labour and part costs, light weight for reduced fuel costs for the end user, seamless construction, corrosion & chemical resistant, contoured shape to assist in material flow and the color matched material eliminates the need for exterior painting.

Fiberglass interior dash panel converted into a thermoformed dash. Advantages: Cost- reduction, light -weight, aesthetic appeal, complex styled shape.

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Focused on Customer Success
Focused on Customer Success